Family & Singles Housing

Family and Singles HousingFOLD provides an extensive range of quality affordable rented accommodation for families, couples and single adults of all ages across Northern Ireland. This includes apartments, bungalows and houses.

FOLD currently has Family and Singles Accommodation in all major towns and cities across Northern Ireland including Belfast, Londonderry, Newry and Lisburn. New Family and Singles Accommodation are continuing to be developed by FOLD on an ongoing basis. New developments can be viewed here

If you are interested in applying for Family or Singles Accommodation with FOLD, please click here.

As a tenant of FOLD in Family or Singles Accommodation, you will have a Housing Officer who will be able to advise you on any tenancy issues, and an Estates Officer who will advise on property maintenance issues.Fold Housing: Families and Singles Northern Ireland

We currently have a number of active Residents Associations in our estates. The Housing Officer will be able to advise tenants on availability and enquires relating to Residents Associations.

To view any immediate vacancies available within Family or Singles Accommodation please visit our section: Find a Property


What is Tenancy Fraud?

Every year in Northern Ireland, people on the waiting list are being denied a home because someone is being dishonest about their housing needs. Fold is committed to preventing, detecting and tackling tenancy fraud where it exists within our developments to ensure our homes are legally occupied by people entitled to live in them.

There are different types of tenancy fraud. Below are the most common:

• Not telling the truth when applying for a home.

• When a tenant rents their home to another person without our knowledge or permission (sub letting).

• When a tenant leaves their home empty without informing us.

What happens when someone commits tenancy fraud...

• They are likely to lose their tenancy if caught and may not be entitled to apply for social housing in the future.

• Depending on how serious the fraud is, they could be fined and/or sent to prison.

• They are preventing someone who may be in greater need of housing from getting offered a home

What Fold is doing...

Below is a list of checks Fold can do to tackle tenancy fraud:

• Checking photographic ID of tenants before signing the tenancy agreement or visiting tenants at home who are unknown to us.

• Completing early tenancy counselling visits 6 weeks into their tenancy. ID is checked again at this visit.

• Carrying out unannounced tenancy visits.

• Housing Officers investigate any tenants who have not allowed access for essential servicing e.g. gas boiler servicing.

• Fold investigates all reports of tenancy fraud.

• In many cases reports of tenancy fraud are found to be unproven.

• Legal action can result in Fold regaining possession of the property.

What you can do...

Please contact us as soon as possible if you believe there is tenancy fraud taking place in your area. You can contact us by:

Call us on: 028 9042 8314


Write to us at: Tenancy Fraud, Fold Housing Association, FREEPOST BEL4018, Holywood, Co Down, BT18 9BR