Corporate Plan

As stated in the Fold's mission statement, the organisation's primary function is:

To be the provider of choice for families and others in need of housing, care and support. Care and Support

The corporate plan has been developed to achieve this aim with the following objectives:

  • Transparency and openness – We are open about what we do, how we do it and why. We will uphold good governance and financial probity. We will keep our customers, partners and staff informed and treat them fairly and equally. Through effective and regular communication we will respect and take account of their views
  • ResultsWe commit to challenging objectives and performance standards within our capability in the interests of meeting the needs of our stakeholders. Reporting systems will be fit for purpose and for the needs of customers, staff, board members and other key stakeholders.
  • Safety – We will provide safe secure homes and work places for our customers, staff, business partners and the general public.
  • Improvement and Innovation– In consultation with our customers, funders and delivery partners we will provide a quality housing, care and support service and continue to find new and better ways of achieving our vision
  • Value for Money - We will seek the ‘best value’ solutions which meet the life time needs of our customers and stakeholders within our available resources whilst achieving efficiencies across our operations.
  • Partnership - Working together with the communities we serve, our business partners, our Accord partners, our suppliers, our elected representatives and all our stakeholders to maximise Fold’s impact through open, effective and transparent partnerships.
  • Valuing our People - Developing our board members, staff and partners to adopt Fold’s values, empowering them to deliver our business objectives. And enabling our staff to enhance their own wellbeing, whilst maximising their contribution to society.
  • Sustainability - In partnership with our stakeholders, seeking sustainable solutions which protect the environment, reduce waste and energy and contribute to society.