Dementia Support

Fold Housing Association and Alzheimer’s Society

Staff at Fold Housing Association have nominated Alzheimer’s Society as their corporate charity partner.   We believe this partnership provides a good fit for Fold, given our experience, knowledge and services for people living with dementia.  
Over the next two years, Fold will direct its charity fundraising efforts to support the work of Alzheimer’s Society.   In addition, we commit to becoming a Dementia Friendly Community and will help spread information about their work.   This includes raising awareness about what dementia is and signposting people affected by dementia to services and information for support. 
Fold’s Housing with Care
We are experienced and knowledgeable about dementia through our housing with care services.    At Fold, we see the person and not their dementia. We actively encourage our residents to express their personality. Each resident has their own tailored care plan, which reflects their tastes, interests and individual care needs, and where possible they remain in control of their affairs.
We aim to prolong our residents' cognitive and mental skills through a range of daily activities, which enable them to exercise their minds and bodies. This not only engages them but also provides an ideal opportunity for them to socialise.
We understand that it is not only the person with dementia that is affected by this condition; it's their family, friends and carers as well. We will offer you the support you need as your loved one progresses through the condition.
Our staff continue to build on their knowledge of dementia and aim to use best practices wherever possible. They attend structured training to help them provide the best and most appropriate care and support for People with dementia. The team at Fold are dedicated to enhancing the lives of all the residents.
Learning More About Dementia
Click the links to the left to find out more about dementia and contacts for further information.  We encourage you to read Understanding and Respecting the Person with Dementia and the Dementia Guide for anyone  living with dementia and their close friends and family.
Fold Housing Association is grateful to Alzheimer’s Society for permission to use information from their website and their literature.