RQIA Reports

Several of Fold's schemes that provide care and support to those who reside in those schemes, are monitored by the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) which is the independent health and social care regulatory body for Northern Ireland.

Thee RQIA is responsible for examining all aspects of the care provided, to assure the comfort and dignity of those using the facilities, and ensure public confidence in these services.

How to Access Fold's RQIA Reports

To get the most up to date reports on the following schemes please click on the link below. This will take you to the RQIA location map for the Fold scheme, please click the teardrop icon on the map, then select the Inspections tab, for the list of most recent reports. 

RQIA report for Glenowen Court, Belfast

RQIA report for Gnangara, Enniskillen

RQIA report for Knock Eden, Portadown

RQIA report for Loughview, Holywood

RQIA report for Manor Court & Nightingale Lodge, Lurgan

RQIA report for Millbrook Court, Bangor

RQIA report for Sevenoaks, Londonderry

RQIA report for Spelga Mews, Banbridge

RQIA report for The Brook, Coleraine