Capturing 40 years' of Fold

2016 marks the 40th anniversary of Fold Housing Association.   Our organisation was established in 1976, during most challenging times in Northern Ireland, to provide sheltered housing for older people.   The vision of a group of pioneering volunteers, determined to replicate a housing model that was proven to work,  would see the start Fold Housing Association, or 'Fold' as we are commonly known.

Since 1976, Fold has grown and diversified to provide a range of accommodation and services for different people, from sheltered accommodation for older people to general needs homes for singles and families, housing with care and day care, TeleCare and TeleHelath, Floating Support and Staying Put.   People and 'home' remain at the very ethos of our organisation, just as 40 years ago, customers remain at the core of what we do, we remain fully committed to providing the very best in housing, care and support.

The short film below captures the Fold story, from those very early days, to the present, and gives a glimpse of our plans for the future.